Crom on Reddit

Crom runs on reddit too, under u/The-Paranoid-Android. It responds to your submission or comment containing SCP references or search commands. You can find Crom on r/SCP, r/DankMemesFromSite19, and other related SCP subreddits.

Calling Crom

Demo of u/The-Paranoid-Android on a reddit thread.

By number

Mention one or more SCPs anywhere in your comment, submission title, or text submission with the format "SCP‑[number]" or "SCP [number]". Crom can also detect international SCPs based on their format, such as "SCP‑[number]‑FR or "SCP‑ES‑[number]" and any other formats from the supported international wikis.

By title, by author

You can also search for articles on the SCP wiki by their title, by enclosing it within double square brackets, like "[[avalon]]" or "[[disassembly]]". If you search for an author on the SCP wiki, like "[[Lt Flops]]", it will link to their author page and show some statistics.

If you submit a new link post linking to an article on any of Crom's supported wikis, Crom will reply with the article's details, such as the title and authors.

By mention

You can also summon Crom on any non-SCP subreddit on reddit, by including a mention to the bot in the text.

u/The-Paranoid-Android [[Lily's Proposal]]

Special thanks to Mike Innes for allowing use of the u/The‑Paranoid‑Android account on reddit. Crom ran on the account since 01 May 2019. Crom previously operated under u/The‑Noided‑Android since 10 October 2018.