Privacy policy

This policy was last updated on 26 Oct 2021.

This page lists what kinds of personal data Crom stores, and how it uses it.

Crom is a personal project, and represents my personal beliefs on privacy. Crom does not store any private data it doesn't need. Your private data is not and will never be shared with any third-party services.

When I say "Crom", I'm referring to many different ways to use the service that are linked and share data with each other. Crom is made up of many different parts: a discord bot, a reddit bot, a wikidot service, a public API, and this website. This privacy policy covers all of them.

Public data

Crom relies on public data from people, including those who have not used the service. Crom stores the following publicly available data:

  • Wikidot page content and metadata (e.g. title, rating, tags, etc.).
  • Wikidot user metadata (e.g. display name, profile ID, etc.).
  • Structured content from wikis (e.g. SCP titles, custom attributions, etc.).

Public data is normally purged from Crom's database within a few hours of being deleted from the source.

Private data

Crom also stores the following private information:

  • Discord user ID and associated wikidot name of users using "crom link".

    • Crom stores this to provide a better experience when calling crom au or /author, so that you can look up your account without typing in your wikidot username.
  • Discord server IDs and associated preferences of servers.

    • Crom stores this information to provide per-server preferences, such as the default wiki and command prefixes.


Many components also keep short-term logs, for diagnostic and security reasons. The logs will never include private message content, unless the message was specifically a Crom command. For API callers, Crom will also log the client's IP address and user agent.

This website collects anonymized analytics. See Vercel for more details.