Privacy policy

This policy was last updated on 21 Nov 2022.

What does this cover?

In this policy, "Crom" refers to many related services described on this website. That includes a Discord bot, a Reddit bot, a public API, bot interactions on Wikidot, and all the features available on this website. And this policy covers all of them.

Public data stored by Crom may also be used by third parties through the Crom API. Crom may also provide your private data to third parties with your consent. However, this policy does not cover how the third parties use your data.

What data do you collect?

Public data

Crom relies on public data from people, including those who have not used the service. Crom stores the following publicly available data:

  • Wikidot page content and metadata (e.g. title, rating, votes, tags, etc.).
  • Wikidot user metadata (e.g. display name, profile ID, etc.).

This data is stored to provide search and statistical information on pages and users, as well as enabling third parties to programmatically access information more efficiently.

Private data

Crom may also store the following private information to provide you with services:

All services

Content you directly share with Crom to use its features, such as reading lists and diary entries.

Crom account

  • Discord account information (ID, username, email address) to create an account and use account-specific features.
  • Associations between discord accounts and wikidot usernames, to share your wikidot identity with others.

Discord bot

  • Associations between discord accounts and wikidot usernames, to look up your own account easily and share your wikidot identity with others.
  • Discord server IDs and associated preferences of servers, to configure the bot's settings.

For all integrations

Crom may also store metadata about your client such as your browser's user agent and IP address. These are stored for security, diagnostic, and abuse prevention reasons, and kept for no longer than 30 days.

Storage and processing of any personal data you provide to Crom falls under the legitimate interest basis under the GDPR.

Your personal data isn't shared with any third parties for marketing or analytics.